New Horizon’s Ministries

Grow With UsNew Horizons Church is proud to offer a host of ministries which allow members the opportunity to actively serve and use their ministry gifts to the glory of God. If you are not participating in a ministry, you are missing the many wonderful benefits of serving and New Horizons is missing out on the blessing of your gifts and talents. Help us meet the operational demands of the ministry and the spiritual needs of the people who participate in worship, study and social activities. It is our prayer that every member of New Horizons will join a ministry and use their gifts, talents and abilities to reach the lost and minister to our community.


Christian Education – This ministry is responsible for equipping and encouraging believers in discipleship.  Facilitator:  Erica Gray ((317) 496-0293) (

 Clear Word Ministries – This ministry is responsible for the recording, production, distribution and sale of sermon CDs.  Facilitator:  Marcia Heath (306-0795) (

Education Ministry – This ministry is responsible for enhancing educational preparedness of all NHC congregants, though the focus is on our youth.  Facilitator:  Wonda Kimble (919-4018) (

Evangelism Ministry – This ministry is responsible for training and coordinating events where NHC members can share their faith with individuals who do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ and those without a church home.  Facilitators:  E. Shane Lee (985-9519) (, Hank Mosley (847-1303)  (

Fellowship Planning This ministry is responsible for building relationships via engaging church fellowships.  Facilitators:  Andrea Girton-Lee (985-9517) (, Barbara Thompson (332-2577) (

Generosity Ministry – This ministry is responsible for helping our congregation exhibit biblical stewardship of resources.  Facilitator:  Aimee Laramore [(586) 480-0450] (

 Hospitality Ministry:  Facilitator:  Robert Gray (496-9355) (

Greeters –Greeters warmly welcome members and visitors, lovingly provide directions distribute necessary materials, and answer questions.

Ushers – This ministry graciously maintains order and direction as people are entering, exiting and moving about in the sanctuary.

Intercessory Prayer – This ministry reaches out to God through prayer to meet the needs of the church and the pastor.  Facilitators:  Gary & Sharon Naylor (712-3956) (

In Touch Ministry – This ministry reaches out to our church members during illness or death in their family.  Facilitator:  Lorraine Dodson-Gater (603-4525) (

Media Ministry – There are two parts to the media ministry:  Sound and Presentation.  The media ministry is responsible for managing the sound system, lights and video equipment during services.  Facilitator:  Kendale Adams (339-9391) (

Men’s Ministry – The men’s ministry is designed to support and encourage the men of the church in their walk with God.  Facilitator:  James Lawson [(919) 255-2218] (